I tailor a combination of theories and evidence-based treatment modalities to individual needs of every client. I practice cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), to better understand patterns of behavior, and psychodynamic psychotherapy, to initiate a deep and lasting process of changing those behaviors.  

What used to be known as Asperger’s Syndrome, now falls under the umbrella term Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  Autism is a spectrum disorder, which means symptoms range from mild to severe. We often refer to individuals with mild symptoms as high functioning.


I specialize in psychotherapy for high functioning adults with ASD. My clients often report deficits in sociability and communication, as well as a restricted repertoire of interests. The diminished ability to understand feelings and behaviors of others, as well as their own, often leads to constriction, isolation and depression.


In my work with adults with ASD, I combine cognitive-behavioral techniques with relational approach, to help my clients gain more self-awareness, build fulfilling relationships and feel connected with their spontaneous self.

Social anxiety may be triggered by different situations. One may feel anxious before a party or a meeting with unfamiliar people when giving a speech in front of coworkers or eating in public. The fear of embarrassing oneself and the automatic stress response may significantly affect one’s social and professional life.


By creating a warm and safe, yet challenging environment, I assist my clients in exploring and overcoming their anxiety. I help my clients understand and gain control over their emotional responses, which leads to improved confidence and ownership.

“Jedną nogą tu, drugą tam” is a Polish expression that captures my experience of being an immigrant. Literally, it means “one leg here, the other there”. For me, it is a metaphor of belonging to more than one place while not being fully in any of them.


While the psychological experience of immigration is different for each person, as an immigrant myself, I understand the feelings of isolation, loss, hope and questions of belonging.


I help my clients access their resilience, integrate their experience and develop a stable sense of identity, which allows them to embrace the new life and community while maintaining the connection to the culture and heritage of the country of origin.

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