While some people see counseling as preventative care, comparable to annual check-ups or taking vitamins daily, others consider it the last resort and feel ashamed of seeking professional help. Perhaps your relationship is going through a big change (having a baby, infidelity, sex reassignment therapy) or maybe small recurring conflicts seem to be slowly killing your marriage. Maybe you are so frustrated that you are considering a divorce or maybe you are happily in love and want to maintain the quality of the relationship.


Wherever on that spectrum you find yourself, I will provide a warm and accepting environment to help you:

Understand yourself and your partner better.

Rebuild or strengthen your trust.

Establish routines and rituals for greater connectedness and intimacy.

Communicate your needs and feelings respectfully.

Resolve conflict in a constructive way.

Deepen your bond.

Justyna Lembicz, MS, LMHC

Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LHMC): LH60706478 
Phone:  (425) 358-8898 
E-mail: Justyna@JustTherapy.org

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